About Us

About ROOF Top Fitness

ROOFTop Fitness Club is a unique lifestyle program designed to achieve every individual member's respective health and fitness goals. Whether our members are beginners or enthusiasts, every program, product, and experience we offer begins and ends with creating a premier and comfortable atmosphere tailored for their individual and overall success and safety.

Year of Eshtablishment: 1st January 2017

Foundary Members:

  • Ravi Kant Bopche
  • Sashikant Bopche
  • Patle


    Sashikant Bopche

  • 5 Years Experience in Gym Management.
  • Specialist in Gym Eshtablishment

Our Vision

A healthy life is accessible to almost everybody and fitness is the key. Our business philosophy is to establish a quid-pro-quo or win-win modus with the public and serve as a conduit to healthy living.

Our Mission

Our mission is to complement and answer to your needs via impeccable quality equipment, gear and accessories; and to promote fitness as a way of life. Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priority while our motivation and goal is in knowing we can contribute positively and draw more people into the realm of fitness and ultimately, good health.

Why Choose Us?

We're not like other gyms

We won't tie you into a contract or charge you a fortune every month. That's because we believe that fitness should be accessible to everybody, regardless of shape, size, fitness level, background or attitude.

We even offer a choice of gym memberships that are as flexible as a champion Yoga instructor. Alongside everything you need to help you get fitter and healthier, just take a look below.

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